15 Family Truths That Everyone Can Relate To

You know that feeling you used to have in high school about your family?

There was no family weirder than yours.

Your angst was at its height. Your siblings were ALWAYS teasing you. And your parents were either fighting or ogling over your "talents" (sixth place in track and field is not an accomplishment, mom. There were six people).

But it turns out, there must be some sort of parenting, family manual because EVERYONE seems to go through the same thing.

From insane relatives who talk on the phone WAY too long, to parenting advice that you look back on and say, "What?", we can all relate to these family #truths.

Then send them some damn food so I can eat my sandwich!


Seriously. You ask me to call and check in all the time and then get mad because you didn't answer. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!


Violence, sex, swearing, drinking...basically anything that sounds like any fun is banned from the house until all children are older than 18.


Sure, not friending them is an option. But then there's the awkward lecture I get from my mom. "Your aunt Carol wants to know why you won't friend her on Facebook. What do you have to hide?" UGH! This is why I do number five.


I seem to get this mysterious stomach flu that only lasts an hour every time they come by. What are the chances?


So much fun was ruined. I'd rather dad get in trouble, though, than have number nine happen.


"She knows..."


"It was just a joke" is NEVER the right response. Can I at least get some food before this begins?


Once in a long while, when the moon is full, and two rainbows meet, and unicorns come down from heaven to dance on earth, this magical moment happens.


I make fun, but then this realization hits when I move out. "Wait...I cook for myself now?" That sneaky woman knew this would force me to come home...well played, mother, well played.


And then you try to act like a grownup when any relative offers you money...but really, you're poor and absolutely need it to survive. "I'll hit you back...soon...yeah, soon." This truth is such a lie.


And your siblings won’t EVER miss an opportunity to make fun of you.


Regardless, you’ll always have each other’s backs and stand by your family’s side.